1.) Read the questions below and choose TWO to answer. Your answers should be th
1.) Read the questions below and choose TWO to answer. Your answers should be thorough, meaning at least a full paragraph or more for each essay -- answers that are shorter or without analysis will not receive full credit. 2.) Remember that your answer should be written in your own words, as your own opinion. 3.) The post is due by the time and date listed on the course syllabus. Please see the syllabus for the late work policy. 4.) These questions are primarily opinion based, which means you need to explain your point of view thoroughly, respectfully, and on topic (ie, this is not the place to veer off topic or go into a rant). "Wrong" answers that won't receive credit are answers that are rude, off topic, too short, or without academic analysis. If you want to reply to a classmate, feel free, as long as you are respectful in your reply. This should simulate the usual rules for any class discussion. I will monitor the board and weigh in as students post, and will intervene if the conversation is going in a direction not conducive to learning. Discussion Post Questions:1.) “From black death to corona virus: a brief history of quarantines”; “Iran’s coronavirus outbreak is bizarrely reminiscent of the black death”; “Learn from history: black death killed millions of people”; “Black death offers lessons for dealing with covid-19 outbreak." This is just a glimpse at the headlines of some famous papers regarding the outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease of 2019 (COVID-19) highlighting the importance of this crisis as a global warning. On January 31, 2020, the WHO announced the outbreak of COVID-19 as a public health emergency worldwide. As it’s said, “history repeats itself," so what do you think --- what are the similarities between the Plague and Covid-19? 2.) Castiglione writes about the social expectations for men and women in the Renaissance. His list of what men and women are "supposed to know how to do" is long! Men should speak a foreign language, know how to dance and tell jokes, be well read, play an instrument, be able to interpret art, etc etc..... women should be kind, never speak poorly of others, be apolitical, appear respectful and well mannered.... etc etc --the list goes on an on! Are there similar "rules" for men and women today? If so, what are they? If not, why not?3.) Why do you think many people in the Renaissance finally stood up to the Church, when people in the Middle Ages did not, or at least were so afraid to?4.) Do you think that the Renaissance was really a rebirth of ancient art, literature, music, and theater from the ancient age? Or was it an era of something brand new? 5.) In light of what you read and learned about Leonardo da Vinci, do you think movies like The Da Vinci Code could be truthful? Could there really be mysteries and scandals hidden inside Da Vinci's art? Or, do you think Hollywood is merely exaggerating the mysteries of Da Vinci's life? Requirements: two paragraphs (one for each question)

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