1. Jay Block in the YouTube video briefly mentions five reasons a resume is crit
1. Jay Block in the YouTube video briefly mentions five reasons a resume is critical. List each reason, and in more detail expand on what he means by each and how a resume accomplishes each. For example, he lists Strategy. In light material presented in class, how does a resume help job seeker accomplish his/her strategy? B) Next, describe his 3 top fixes on improving a resume and several ways you can accomplish each. For example, he lists Compelling. How do you make a resume compelling? 2. Write an elevator pitch you could actually use to market yourself for an internship to a hiring manager of a company you want to work for. This manager will be at a company info session and you will only have 60 seconds at that event for your pitch. Assuming you have 60 seconds, write your pitch using 150 to 200 words. Make sure you include all the key components of an elevator pitch identified in class. 3. Your roommate, a psychology major, is introverted and really hates networking. A) Based on class material describe what networking is and why it’s so important to today’s careers. B) Next, describe four specific steps you think she should take during this fall semester while she is at MSU to become an enthusiastic (or at least willing) and effective networker as she gets closer to applying for jobs. Don’t just copy from class material, but thoughtfully consider definite steps she should take. Resume Writing Advice with 5 Critical Resume Writing Tips for Interview Success by Jay Block

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