1. How have you experienced these conflict styles (avoiding, competing, accommo
1. How have you experienced these conflict styles (avoiding, competing, accommodating, collaborating, compromising) in your everyday life? Describe one conflict that you experienced recently. Which conflict style did you use, and how well did it help you resolve the conflict? Is there another conflict style that might have been more effective? Did you use any of the relationship-destroying behaviors? If so, how might you have responded more productively to help protect the relationship while you were navigating the conflict? 2. Group projects are often frustrating because teams are not using the effective group communication and leadership skills that we learned about in this chapter. Reflect back on a previous group experience that you had. What went wrong? What went well? How could you and your team have worked together more effectively in order to have a more positive outcome? What lessons can you take from that experience to help ensure a more successful group experience? 3. For your final group assignment, you will work with a team to advocate for a change that will help to make the university a more inclusive, supportive campus where all students can thrive. Take a few minutes to brainstorm several ideas for ways we can improve the campus. Who will benefit most from these changes? What would it take (time, money, effort, etc.) to make these changes possible? Who is in a position to implement your plan?

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