1) Can We Cool the Planet? – NOVA / PBS (53 minutes) https://www.youtub
1) Can We Cool the Planet? - NOVA / PBS (53 minutes) Watch the assigned video. (link above) Write your SRQ. What is a SRQ? It stands for Summary, Response, Question. SRQ Grading Rubric Category Description—Same for both videos Item Points Essay Format Assignment must be written in paragraph form and include proper grammar/spelling, complete sentences, and indicating adequate proofreading has been done. 1 Summary o Write three paragraphs describing the main topics covered in the video. o Be sure to discuss content from each main section of the video, and include material covered toward the beginning, in the middle and toward the end), adequately describing the video content as a whole. o 300 word minimum 1.5 Response o Write a description of your personal perspective on portions of the video that you specifically mention, based on your personal opinion, knowledge or experiences. This should be written in first person (from your own personal perspective / using the word "I") and can include specific content that you might have been surprised by, amazed by, that you want to know more about, have experience with, etc. In other words, how do you feel about the video and why? o 300 word minimum 1.5 Questions o Write at least four full-sentence questions that the video content prompted you to wonder about. These questions should be scientific and biology-related. 1 Total Points 5

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